Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Call in Conference and eSeminar

Join Dwight Judy on May 13, 2014, for conversation with Johnny Sears, Director of Upper Room Academy for Spiritual Formation. We look forward to an exciting conversation via this live Call in Conference at 11:30 a.m. Central Time on Tuesday, May 13. Cost is $19. For registration information, click here.

Beginning on May 19, 2014, Upper Room hosts a four-week eCourse on A Quiet Pentecost. Bring your own spiritual formation ministry to life with this guided on-line experience. Most of the course is asynchronous. You will be able to participate on your own weekly schedule. There will also be a live call-in conference with Dwight Judy during the course. Interviews with several of the practitioners of spiritual formation ministry are within the course. The course will bring alive the way people are developing their spiritual formation ministries -- and how you can as well. Registration is $50. For information, click here.

Celebrate Eastertide and Pentecost with conversations to bring A Quiet Pentecost to your congregation.

Blessings to all.